New Ground

DSCN2123We have had wonderful experiences and met many gifted people since arriving in Ecuador — getting our bearings when we first arrived in the rain forest town of Shell, then applying for visas and learning to know our sisters and brothers at the Quito Mennonite Church and MCC Refugee Project in the capital city, and finally relocating to our new home in the Tena area.

The photos below provide a glimpse of where we have been and with whom we have worked over the past two months.

1 thought on “New Ground

  1. Karla Minter

    Thank you for sharing these photos! I was intrigued by the ladders/steps that go up to your home on the hill. Do these steps hold up in the rain? Your family is listed on the Mennonite Mission Network Prayer vine, today, April 1 : ) No Fooling – we are praying for each of you and your relationship building with the many people you are meeting. Blessings to you! Karla Minter



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