Year Two Begins

We have arrived in the rain forest and are beginning the southern phase of our two-way mission: January-June in Ecuador and July-December in the United States. While here in the Global South we will work with the indigenous people living around us, accompanying the leaders of local churches while focusing on the themes of creation care, economic justice and the rights of women and children. When we return north this summer we’ll share what we’ve learned with our sisters and brothers in the Global North.

Year two is different than year one in many ways. We already have friends and neighbors and a cozy home to share. We know where things are and can imagine what our routine might be like. We also realize, of course, to expect the unexpected … and to open ourselves to new opportunities as we prepare ourselves to seek God’s guidance and timing.

Here are some photos from our first weekend.


3 thoughts on “Year Two Begins

  1. Elizabeth Gingrich

    Thinking of each of you as you settle back into life, home, work and relationships in Ecuador. Blessings and joy to you.


  2. Lorene Miller

    Greetings to all of you, I enjoyed reading about your daily life and many adventures these past several weeks. I know it was written last year, but I also read Sierra’s cultural geography report on the Waoroni people. what an incredible opportunity you have to study cultural geography!
    I observe from your writings that you are finding your way into this new type of mission. I believe that with God’s grace, your purposes will be fulfilled.
    May you find strength and peace for each day,
    Lorene Miller



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