Back in the Forest

Gracias a Dios — thanks be to God — we have returned to Ecuador for our third year of two-way mission! 

In early December, our plans to travel from Goshen to Quito at year’s end were thwarted by unexpected news:  Jerrell was diagnosed with melanoma on his right ear.  People began praying for us within minutes, and with the help of a skilled surgeon the lesion was removed while the cancer was still in an early stage.  No further treatment was necessary, and our family flew south on February 1.

After spending several days with members of Mennonite Mission Network team and the leaders of Quito Mennonite Church in the nation’s capital, we loaded our four-wheel drive and traveled east over the Andes, descending to our home base in rain forest town of Tena.  What a joy to be back at work among our friends and neighbors … here are some photos from the first few days.

3 thoughts on “Back in the Forest

  1. Steve Fath

    Estamos muy agradecidos a Dios por la bien llegada de toda la familia. Las fotos son una bendición. Que Dios abre las puertas necesarias y que les de la sabiduría para usar tus momentos guiadas por El.


  2. Kristi

    I thought of your beautiful family today and found your blog!! Thank you for spreading your light in our world!!

    Kristi (Caspian-Satori)



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