Learning and Fellowship Tour 2017

Twelve friends from Waterford Mennonite Church (Goshen, Indiana) spent two weeks with our family in March.  We were joined during the first part of the trip by three Journey International volunteers as well as Luis Tapia, former pastor of Quito Mennonite Church.  The tour featured many opportunities to learn about rain forest cultures and the development of indigenous churches in Eastern Ecuador.  We also had a chance to fellowship and worship with believers from a variety of cultures and language groups:  Kichwa, Shuar, Cofan and Spanish.

Our knowledge of the richness and diversity of the Christian Church — Christ’s body — expanded greatly.  And our trust in God for protection and guidance during this adventure helped to strengthen our faith in new ways.  Getting outside your comfort zone can be a good thing!

Here are some of the photos taken by our family …

3 thoughts on “Learning and Fellowship Tour 2017

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  2. Tina Schlabach

    Hi, Jane, Jerrell, Sierra, Naomi, Teresa, and Jordan! I loved seeing all the photos of the Waterford learning tour, and also the photos of your 3rd return to your home(s) after Jerrell’s treatment. So happy all seems well. Yes, God is good, through everything that happens! Is there a way for me to be added to those who receive this blog when there are new postings? I would love that. We are well… some of our family members are changing places: Thomas is transferring to Goshen College this fall as a sophomore. And Mandy and Derek are planning a move to Tucson in August, and Derek will begin grad school here at the U of AZ, in environmental engineering. We send our love! Tina and Jay



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